The word "gospel" means "good news." This is definitely the best news we have ever heard!


This statement says and implies a lot. There is a God, and that God loves YOU. What is more is that this love means He really really wants to be with you every day.


You don’t have to read the last fact again, unless you don’t agree. Every person is not perfect. We all mess something up occasionally. Whether you are a Christian or not, we all need to be honest with ourselves to recognize that we make mistakes. As I write I realize how easy it is for myself, even as I believe it, to forget my own imperfections.


Since He is perfect and we are not, how can we be with Him to fulfill His love and our lives? Perfection can’t be with imperfection and remain perfect.

If we can’t be with God, then what is the point? That is death! Separation is death! So if that is the case, then when we do the things that make us imperfect then this leads to separation, which leads to death. Hmmm. Romans 6:23

perfect + imperfect = imperfect

This equation doesn't look so good... for us at least. What do we do?


We can’t be with Him without a perfect God stepping in and making us perfect. It is His work and not our own. He inserted Himself into our world, lived the perfect life that we couldn’t, accepted the separation (the death) that we deserved, and in doing that defeated death by coming back to life proving that He is God, man, saviour, and the very one that can bring God to us and us to God.


It is up to each of us what we are going to do with our huge imperfection problem. We can try to make ourselves look pretty, we can try to punish ourselves, we can also try to pretend we are just fine. Lets be honest.

It is God’s jobs to convince you, and each Christian’s job to bring His truth to the people around us. Whether you have never said yes to God or have said yes a thousand times, today is the day to say yes to the offer He has for you.

It is your deal with Him, you two can work it out. He loves you and will work in you to know Him more. You can talk to Him and deal your imperfection problem right now. It doesn’t mean you’ll be perfect afterward, it just means that you recognize that Jesus paid for all your mistakes from day one till you die. You have to accept His terms, recognize what You are, recognize what Jesus did and who He was, and invite Him to take control of your life. It is your choice…

God is ridiculously in love with you. How crazy is that!

If you want to make that decision now, you can tell him by praying a simple prayer:

God in Heaven, I admit to You I have sinned against You, and that makes me guilty before You. But, I know that You loved me so much, You sent Jesus to die for the penalty of all my wrongs. As He died, the penalty for all my guilt was paid in full, and then rose again, and offers me new life in Him. So, I say “Yes” to your gift of forgiveness, confessing Jesus as my Savior.

And, in the surrender of my life to You, I confess Jesus as my Lord. Please cleanse me from all my filth, adopt me as Your own, make me a new creation in You, deliver me from darkness into You now. I surrender myself to You!

In Jesus name, Amen